Lily the Fancipoo Teaches kids about like

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Some kids  are spoiled as well as get what ever they want. There parents believe that their kid can do no wrong, as well as whatever is handed to them. This is likewise true for Lily the Fancipoo.

The book, “Lily the Fancipoo,” by mom as well as child Rebekah Phillips as well as Sharon Gonyaw is about a bit white dog who is spoiled rotten. She gets spoon fed, uses a elegant collar as well as poops as well as pees around her owner’s home. She likewise has her own maid who cleans up all her messes.

Even though she got all that she wanted, Lily the Fancipoo was unfortunate as well as lonely. someday her household decided to travel to Spain to see family. They sent Lily to stay with cousins in new England. Lily had difficulty adjusting to all the changes, however she got great deals of hugs as well as kisses from the kids there. She even got to sleep in their bed with them.

After feeling liked by the youngsters in new England, Lily realized that all the things she disliked there were truly not that bad. They let her stay a bit longer as well as Lily had discovered that what mattered was like as well as in the end she decided that like was enough.

This is a adorable story as well as should be showed kids that believe they should get what ever they want. all of us requirement to discover exactly how to love. like is much better than anything money can buy.

You can purchase Lily the Fancipoo on or anywhere books are sold. You can pre-order “Lily the Fancipoo on Amazon by visiting this link.

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*Disclosure: I got a copy of “Lily the Fancipoo” as well as a luxurious Lily the Fancipoo in exchange for this review. ความคิดเห็นทั้งหมดมีความแม่นยำเช่นเดียวกับฉัน 100%

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